XR Brands Collared Temptress Collar

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Το λουρί του γοητευτικού κολλάρου με τις σφιχτές σφιγκτήρες της αμαζόνας προσφέρει μια αισθησιακή εμπειρία και διεγείρει την αναταραχή σας. Το μεταλλικό κολλάρο από neoprene και καουτσούκ είναι εξαιρετικά ανθεκτικό και άνετο στη χρήση, ενώ οι σφιχτές σφιγκτήρες θα δώσουν καινούργιες διαστάσεις στην ερωτική σας ζωή. Το Collared Temptress Collar with Nipple Clamps σε μαύρο χρώμα και μάρκα XR Brands είναι μια επιλογή που δεν πρέπει να χάσετε αν αναζητάτε μια πιο διεγειρτική εμπειρία με τον ερωτισμό σας!
Enjoy turning your submissive lover into a Collared Temptress with this neoprene collar with black chains connected to adjustable nipple clamps! The collar itself has black buckles for a fully adjustable fit and 3 D-rings to attach accessories or chains and restraints to. The center D-ring has black chains already connected that split into two chains, each with a nipple clamp at the end. Each nipple clamp has a rubber tip to protect the sensitive skin tissue and a small screw for precise pressure adjustments. All metal is nickel-free.
Have your lover kneel in front of you as you place their collar around their neck. The buckles clasp and you make sure the collar fits snug and comfortably so they can feel the gentle, padded and smooth texture of the neoprene. You take the chain at the center of their throat and pull them gently towards you, making them lift their chest. Taking their nipple in your free hand, you take the clamp and place it slowly behind the nipple, on the areola, and adjust the pressure using the small screw. Doing the same on the other nipple, you hear your lover's breath catch in their throat and gasp as they begin to mingle pain and pleasure, experiencing it all at your hands.
To clean, simply spray with a toy clean and wipe dry.
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ΜέγεθοςOne Size
ΚατασκευαστήςXR Brands
BrandXR Brands
ΥλικόΜέταλλο, Νεοπρένιο, Καουτσούκ
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