EROS Black Gold Lubricant 1000ml

39,04 €
Wonderful lubrication and much, much more!
If you need a bit more lubrication during your erotic games, then this water-based lubricant is exactly what you need. It is perfect for all your fantasies, thanks to its long-lasting lubrication. It is also great for your next roleplay session because it looks like oil that you find in a garage…
Safe to use with latex condoms. 1 litre.
Waterbased Lubricant - high-quality performance oil - for relaxed oil changes - to use with latexcondom - but don't use in engines! Go for gold with this water-based lubricant with extremely long-lasting lubrication. For the industrial look or your very individual fantasies. Place as much lubricant as you want on the parts where you require extra moisture. Safe for use with latex condoms. Not to be used in machines!
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