Ultimate White Magic Massager by Toy Joy

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The Magic Massager in white is perfect for those looking to add some extra pleasure to their bedroom routine. Made with high-quality materials, this massager is easy to use and will leave you feeling satisfied. Use it alone or with a partner for a truly magical experience. With its sleek design and powerful vibrations, the Magic Massager will quickly become a favorite in your collection. Shop now to experience the magic for yourself.
The 2 Speed Magic Wand Massager Vibrator Wand has set the standard for personal hand-held massagers for over 30 years (and its design shows it). The soft, spherical head gives a soothing massage. Unlike battery-powered massagers, the Magic Wand's strong electric motor provides a constant power source and won't slow down as you approach the finish. If this one doesn't provide enough stimulation, nothing will! Very popular because of the show Sex and the City.

The Speed Magic Magic Wand gets rave reviews from everyone who uses it, from sex shops to sex therapists to grandmas. Many women do not have vaginal orgasms. The Speed Magic Magic Wand is the primary source of satisfaction for millions of women! The great thing is that their partners can also enjoy the use of the unit, by themselves or by pleasuring their partner. Smooth vibration allows you to enjoy the pleasure without being uncomfortable.

- Quiet, no need to worry about others hearing you enjoy yourself.
- 20 watts, makes it the most powerful unit available for sensual stimulation.
- Two speeds, 5000rpm and 6000 rpm, so you can be soft and gentle or strong and hard.

The soft spherical head gives a soothing massage, operated by a two-speed switch located on the Magic Wand's slender handle.
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BrandToy Joy
ΚατασκευαστήςToy Joy
Μήκος (CM)10.5
Μέση Διάμετρος (CM)6.5
Μέγιστη Διάμετρος (CM)6.5
Εισχώρησιμο Μήκος (CM)10.5
Βάρος (Κιλά)0.491
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